Adventures in the GTO

I had been wanting to take the GTO out for a cruise and last week, Miriam said she had to deliver an order of soap to Retro Barbers in Arvada. So I asked her if she wanted to go in the GTO. She said sure, why not. So we headed out to Arvada down I-76. The weather was great, still warm, so the drive was beautiful. I was enjoying the response of the gas pedal. We got to the barbershop, delivered the soap and left. I asked her if she wanted to stop for lunch at Fuzzy Tacos. This place had become a favorite of ours when we were still doing the Arvada farmers market. So of course she wanted some of their great tacos. We got there, found a parking place right in front, and went in to have lunch. It was great and we really enjoyed it. We left right around noon and got in the car and guess what? The darn car wouldn’t start. So here it is, noon, we are right in the middle of a busy business section, I’m trying to look cool, and my car won’t start.

I checked everything I could think of. The car seemed to have electical power beacuse I still had radio, lights, gages, etc. But the starter wouldn’t turn over. Not even a click. I checked the battery connections, I got my tire iron out and tried to tap the starter, thinking it might be stuck. No good. Finally I called AAA.

The man came and he did all the checks and even tried to jump it. No good. So he loaded up the car and took it to Casman’s. He was a very good man, because he even gave Miriam and I a ride home. I tipped him very well.

The next morning I get a call from Chuck at Casman’s. They had found a broken wire to the starter. All better now. What a relief! So now the car is back home and I’m a happy camper again. Just one of the hazards that comes with owning a car that old. I’m just sorry I had to put Miriam through all the hassle, but she was a great sport about it.

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Beneficial Hike

I took a hike yesterday and found as I usually do, that hiking really makes me feel better. I had not been hiking since September 3 and had not been bicycling since September 7. I had been taking walks around the neighborhood, usually about 2 miles. So when I went out yesterday, I was not feeling in the best of shape.

I like to go hiking in the flatirons near Eldorado Springs at the South Mesa trailhead. This area is not very crowded and it offers some great hiking trails with a fair amount of vertical. I started around 8 am and went up Homestead trail. I was really struggling. I had no energy, I couldn’t breathe, my legs felt very heavy. I got to Mesa trail and took a break. I still had no energy, but at least I was breathing a little better. I continued and got to the entrance to Shadow Canyon. This is about the halfway point and I usually take another trail from here back to Mesa trail. By the time I got to the Upper Bluestem trail, I was starting to feel good again. I hiked down this trail and back to the car on the Mesa trail. It was a total hike of 5.5 miles with 1000 feet of vertical and took about 2 1/2 hours.

I am always amazed at the healing powers of hiking. I started out that day a real mess and got back feeling very good. I have to remind myself of this fact often when I am sitting at home playing some computer game or watching TV. Maybe writing this short post will embed this in my mind a little better and I will get out more often.

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